Exc: Karl Urban talks showering w/Sofia Vergara and if he'd ever play Batman

Well, we got a lot of cool and interesting info from Karl Urban this week, including when he hopes to be back on set for the next STAR TREK and a bunch of interesting bits on the continued saga of trying to get him back in costume for more DREDD, including his affirmation that Alex Garland was the actual director of the film. In the final piece of the interview, we discuss his new film BENT, where he plays a disgraced former cop on the hunt to clear his name, starring alongside veteran actor Andy Garcia and Sofia Vergara. We also talk about who else he'd like to work with and his reaction to the constant fan casting of him as Batman.

You're working with Andy Garcia in Bent and he's no stranger to this type of genre. What was your experience like working with him?

Great. Andy came in for a week-we shot in Rome-he came in for a week and did his thing and Sofia came in and did her part. I loved working with both of them and it was wonderful sitting down-and, y'know, Andy's got a lot of great tales to tell and I certainly have a long-standing admiration for his work. And I loved hearing about his experiences working on THE UNTOUCHABLES and THE GODFATHER...he's a great guy.

Now, you share a dialogue sequence with Sofia Vergara, while you're in the shower. I'm curious what the challenge was for you in doing that scene...

(Laughs) What the challenge was for me...It's not as sexy as you might think (laughs). We actually shot that in a beach house on the water and it was freezing cold and I'm just trying to conceal the shivering at that point in time, which really kind of overrode any sort of feelings of, uhhh (Laughs), of how hot and steamy the scene actually was. (Check out the scene in question below)

You’ve been in every genre. You’ve left a footprint in everything from action, sci-fi, videogames, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, etc. Is there any other genre or franchise that you’d like to tackle next?

I would love to tackle anything with Ridley Scott. I love his ALIEN films. I love BLADE RUNNER. I really liked BLADE RUNNER 2049 as well. It was awesome. I don’t know, it would be kind of greedy to ask for much more at this point.

A lot of people have suggested that you would be a good fit for a Batman role. Your name seems to pop up in every fan casting of the character. Any interest there?

Oh, really? Wow. I don’t know. I haven’t really contemplated that. Usually the way the process works for me is I get sent projects, sent scripts and I read them, meet with the filmmakers and really on that basis choose to get involved. As far as Batman goes, I guess my favorite Batman movie was THE DARK KNIGHT. Chris Nolan is just an extraordinary director and I thought Christian Bale was a fantastic Batman and obviously with such talent like Heath Ledger that was the perfect comic book movie right there.

So, I don’t know, I’m open to any and all opportunities.

You can check out Karl Urban in BENT this Friday in limited theaters and on VOD!

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