Excellent! Galaxy Quest director Dean Parisot attached to Bill and Ted sequel

After the success of BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE and BILL AND TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves have been mulling over a third Bill and Ted film for quite some time (is more than 20 years "some time?"). But, in the last year the talk has gotten much more heated than usual, with Winter announcing that the script was complete and ready to go.  Now, it appears that the screenwriters (and creators of Bill and Ted), Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, have attached GALAXY QUEST director Dean Parisot to helm the sequel.

However, Parisot is currently set to shoot RED 2 in the spring, which would mean that helming the sequel would be at least another year away. 

But, what the hell, it's already been 21 years since the last one, so why not another?  I'm pretty sure I've made myself clear on where I stand on a Bill and Ted 3, but I know there are others who have some trepidation on the idea.  The phrase "too old" often pops up, but if someone could please tell the cast of THE EXPENDABLES 2 that, then maybe I'd consider that notion.

More as this develops.

Extra Tidbit: There just wouldn't be any righteousness in the world if William Sadler didn't return to the role of Death.
Source: Vulture



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