Excelsior! Stan Lee's life is headed to theaters as a period action flick

Stan Lee is responsible for giving us some of our most beloved cultural icons, and though we have seen many of Lee’s creations come to life on the big screen, some would say it’s about time we saw the story of this seemingly immortal god adapted as well. Well, my lovers of caped heroes and masked saviors, the time for that movie has come, and yes, it will be as badass as you can imagine.

THR has reported that 20th Century Fox (X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, DEADPOOL) has secured Lee’s life rights and intend on bringing his life to theaters near us. But they aren't gonna do that whole “true life story” angle. Pssh, that’s been done. No, there’s only one way to honor the 93-year-old hero of men: an action-adventure movie set in the 70’s.

That’s right. The story will focus on Lee’s time in Hollywood as he bopped and grooved his way around town trying to get his famous characters to be featured in movies. Instead of a biopic, the movie will act as an adventure movie with Lee as the main character, and will try to embody the tone of a KINGSMAN-style action flick, with even a bit of “Roger Moore 007,” fit with gorgeous girls and quippy one-liners.

Needless to say (but I’m gonna say it anyway) this is a smart move. Lee spent a good portion of his life trying to write the “great American novel,” but by the time he was nearing 40 he was considering giving it all up before his wife suggested he give comic books one final go, and the rest is ancient Greek history. This story, though interesting, wouldn’t exactly do anything different for the biopic genre.

However, making it an action movie does nothing but arouse curiosity and titillate the senses. One thing I can’t stop picturing is how an actor playing a 50-year-old Lee would look in a modern, stylish action movie. Awesome, that’s how. This is the perfect way to honor such a legend, making his life seem as epic and spectacular as the characters he created. Suck it, Abe Lincoln.

No one has been cast, nor a writer or director hired, but Lee will and his partner Gil Champion will executive produce while MAZE RUNNER and POWER RANGERS producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey will, well, produce.

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Source: THR
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