EXCL: Boobie Watcher!

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who made up their own comic books when they were in school. I was utterly bored in just about every class I was in and with a few sheets of paper folded in half, I was constantly coming up with my own half-assed superheroes and passing them around to friends for our own amusement. What does this have to do with ROLE MODELS and boobies, you ask?

Like me and a good attention-challenged lot of you, Ronnie Shields, the character played by 12-year-old Bobb'e J. Thompson in ROLE MODELS, likes to create his own comics. He's also a sassy, foul-mouthed kid who's obsessed with boobies. He stares at them all day long. And yeah we all kinda stare at them all day long but he stares at them gratuitously. He's so boobie-centric he created his own superhero "Boobie Watcher."

Sadly "Boobie Watcher" is devoid of any real super power as he has yet to master the art of staring at boobies somewhat surreptitiously. That's where his role model (Seann William Scott) comes in. This clip shows the begin of Ronnie's tutelage.

As a comedy that will absolutely surprise you (it's directed by "The State" vet David Wain and co-written by Paul Rudd) with how funny it is, we're proud to bring you this ROLE MODELS exclusive. We have the first look at "Boobie Watcher" - a premise that brings together two of the things we love here the most: boobs and comics. If you click below, you can download the entire comic in PDF format and follow the comic misadventures of a young, smart-assed kid staring at boobs. Ahhh to be 12 again...

Source: JoBlo.com



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