EXCL: Eagle Eye poster!

Have you ever wanted a movie poster than featured not one, not two but FIVE LaBeoufs? If so, I shall paraphrase the Smashing Pumpkins when I say that today is the greatest day you've ever known. That's because we've got a first look at the teaser poster for EAGLE EYE. That's the movie that no one really cared about until the teaser trailer came online and kicked ass and then a full trailer came online and kicked even more ass and then people were like whoa, baby.

While I was strutting my stuff out of HELLBOY II the other day, I noticed this teaser poster hanging in the lobby and said to my self, I said, "Self, JoBlo.com is severely lacking in the LaBeouf department. Let's get these mugs up stat!" Prior to now this poster was only available via a crappy cam phone shot on eBay but now see it in all its LaBeouf Head glory! EAGLE EYE hits theaters on September 26.

Extra Tidbit: And you thought only summer leftovers came out in September...



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