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I'm looking forward to seeing what Kevin Costner does with his part in MR. BROOKS, set for release on June 1st and featuring the normally sedate actor as a lovely family man, a local business icon and...well, a man with an alter-ego that is addicted to killing. That's right, you heard me...kill-ing. Slap some Demi Moore, Billy Hurt and Dane Cook into the mix (yeah, I'm not sure how Cook got in there either, but he's in, so deal with it), and you've got yourself a recipe for a possibly creepy thriller. And if things work out, Costner has even said that there might be sequels. Today, JoBlo.com received 6 exclusive images from the film, all of which you can check out below:

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Extra Tidbit: Costner's divorce from his wife of 16 years, earned him the 5th spot on Forbes' Top 10 Biggest Divorce Settlements in Hollywood List, with Michael Jordan at the top with $150M and Steven Spielberg with $100M.
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