EXCL: Red band Taken!

Fox tends to get a lot of crap on the internet for some of their films and their other dealings. But if the fanboys are gonna dish out the hate, they've also gotta give some love when it's appropriate. Case in point: TAKEN.

Clearly TAKEN doesn't have the marketing budget of MARLEY & ME but what they've been able to do has impressed me. Instead of releasing commercials for the film that reduce the movie to a B-level action flick, they started with a promo campaign during the NFL playoffs that featured two ads. Both were essentially extended scenes from the movie with the first being Maggie Grace's panicked call to Liam Neeson as she's about to be kidnapped. The second ad was Liam's now famous bad ass speech to the kidnappers. He will find you. And he will kill you. It pumps me up every time I hear it and almost immediately got me psyched for the film

Today we're happy to bring you an exclusive age-restricted clip from TAKEN. Without giving too much away, it's our first look at what happens when Liam makes good on that aforementioned promise. "I told you I would find you..." Beat downs ensue. TAKEN hits theaters on January 30th!

Extra Tidbit: I'd like to think I'd be this awesome if anything ever happened to one of my loved ones. But I'd probably just cower in a fetal position.
Source: JoBlo.com



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