Excl: Shoot 'em Clip!!

Everything I've heard about this film so far has been positive, starting with my initial whiff of it a few months ago and just hearing that the very beautiful Monica Bellucci was playing a hooker in it...something just smelled "right" about it all. Add that to the lead from the film who is Clive Owen and I'm even more intrigued as the man playing the so-called "anti-Bond, blue collar Bond" in this movie, is actually the dude who seemed to be at the top of the list to replace the real Bond just a couple of years ago.

And those are only two ways that director Michael Davis has described his SHOOT 'EM UP movie (literally, he describes the film as abiding by the rules of doing "...all the cool things you could do with a gun fight"), and today we've got for you, an exclusive clip from the film featuring Owen popping off a few caps as he looks to help poor ol' Bellucci out of a tough snag. Oh and CLICK HERE to check out a very cool interview the boys at LatinoReview.com conducted with the director at the Comic Con, in which he also mentions how their site (and others like it) apparently helped get Owen cast in this thing! Wow. Who knew!? The film opens in a few weeks (September 7th), so prepare your beers and rubbers. Oy!

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