EXCL: Watchmen journal!

I have a nifty little WATCHMEN clock on my desk that tells me we're just 303 days away from Zack Snyder's adaptation of WATCHMEN hitting the big screen. Seems like a long time to have to wait but considering comic fans have been waiting years upon years for this, a few more months should breeze right by. Today we're happy to bring you an exclusive video journal from WATCHMEN director Zack Snyder. I won't waste any more time with an intro - I'll let Zack take care of that himself!

To put it simply, there is an enormous amount of characters that populate the many time periods and environments of the Watchmen world. Although we encountered many challenges while making Watchmen, one of the most interesting and rewarding was creating the wardrobe for all of those people. This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson. Once again, I'm amazed by his talent and dedication. Take a look.


While we're on the subject of WATCHMEN, make sure you head over to YouTube to find out all about the contest that'll get a video you created IN the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Could we get a teaser trailer attached to THE DARK KNIGHT?
Source: Warner Bros.



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