EXCL: Wiig's Ghost Town

Now that news broke that Amy Poehler is leaving "Saturday Night Live", it would seem to leave a giant black hole where the hyper-talented Poehler once was. But all may not be as desperate as it seems. Might I suggest Kristen Wiig as the next "SNL" superstar?

Wiig has already done bang-up work in KNOCKED UP and WALK HARD and this Friday she co-stars with Ricky Gervais in GHOST TOWN. Today we've got an exclusive look at her character from GHOST TOWN as well as a collection of some of my favorite Wiig moments from movies and TV. Taking over the "funny hottie" title from Tina Fey and Poehler won't be easy but if anyone can do it, Wiig can. She's currently starring in an impressive amount of skits per show and that doesn't seem to be slowing down at all.

In addition to GHOST TOWN, which hits theaters tomorrow, Wiig can also be seen in the upcoming films ADVENTURELAND, WHIP IT! and EXTRACT. One day soon I'm sure we'll be writing an article completely bummed out that she's leaving "SNL" too. Let's enjoy it while we can!

Exclusive GHOST TOWN Feature

Travel Expert Judy Grimes

KNOCKED UP Clip - "Tighten Up"

Surprise Party

"Jar Glove" Commercial

Penelope at Driving School

Two A-Holes Work Out With a Trainer

WALK HARD Clip - "What About My Dreams?"

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