Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Bad Words Star Kathryn Hahn!

Kathryn Hahn is hilarious. From her terrific work in such films as WE’RE THE MILLERS, WANDERLUST and STEP BROTHERS she has proven to be a hell of a great comedic actress. In her latest entitled BAD WORDS she portrays an online journalist who helps Jason Bateman’s Guy Trilby make his way through angry parents and a number of other frustrated administrators. Both Bateman and Hahn are spectacular together in this very dark, yet surprisingly heartfelt comedy.

When I sat down with this lovely woman we discussed her characters fashion sense and her unique quirks. This includes not wanting her partner to look her in the face during private moments between consenting adults. Hahn is perfect in the role and gives her co-star and director a ton to work with. Of course during our interview she demanded I not look her in the face and I happily obliged. Yes, Ms. Hahn is kind of amazing. BAD WORDS is currently playing in limited release and is opening wide this Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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