Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Deliver Us From Evil Star Olivia Munn!

Ever since she lit a fire as part of G4’s “Attack of the Show,” Olivia Munn has made a ton of fanboy hearts a flutter. The beautiful, yet geek-approachable talent soon found work as an actress, and a pretty good one too. With appearances in MAGIC MIKE and the television series “The Newsroom,” she was able to charm a whole new audience. Next up, Ms. Munn is taking a new direction in her latest feature, DELIVER US FROM EVIL. In the real life based horror thriller she stars as Jen, wife to NY police officer Ralph Sarchie who gets uncomfortably close to demonic forces.

When I sat down with Olivia for the interview, we began the conversation about “Attack of the Show.” It is always great to see somebody proud of a project that helped start their career. After a few positive memories, we discussed her role in the new film as well as some scary VHS tapes of exorcisms, images she was warned not to watch by her co-star, Eric Bana. Sounds like pretty terrifying stuff.

If you are looking for a little horror this summer, be sure to check out DELIVER US FROM EVIL opening on July 2nd at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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