Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Divergent Star Theo James!

There is no doubt that Theo James is going to make an impression on many a female fan with the upcoming DIVERGENT. The one scene in which he takes off his shirt in the new film there was a very clear verbal reaction from the ladies in the audience. Thankfully the actor is extremely capable at the action sequences too having dealt with all sorts of baddies in UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING alongside Kate Beckinsale. And now he stars opposite Shailene Woodley? What a lucky dude!

Theo is an incredibly nice fellow. I’ve had the opportunity to speak to him before and he is very genuine guy and talented as well. During our time he discussed the attraction to doing a film like this, especially one that he is proud of. He also talked about how much combat rehearsal he had and what of his own training he brought into the film. From the looks of it we’ll be seeing a lot from this charismatic leading man in the future, including the continuation of his character ‘Four’ with the second part of DIVERGENT.

DIVERGENT opens this Friday at a theatre near you.
Source: JoBlo.com



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