Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Draft Day Star Jennifer Garner!

Every sports flick needs a strong leading lady. Of this I am convinced. Sure there are exceptions, but if you want proof, just look at the new film starring Kevin Costner DRAFT DAY. This look behind the scenes at one of the biggest days in the NFL is made all the more fascinating thanks to a wonderful performance from Jennifer Garner – who recently gave a fantastic show in last year’s Academy Award winning DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.

Of course Jennifer Garner is lovely. Sure she looks amazing on film and she is incredibly charismatic, but something about this amazing lady just resonates when sitting across from her. When we sat and chatted about her latest, she discussed her knowledge of football and how exactly she stepped into her latest role. In the film she is quite terrific opposite Mr. Costner and DRAFT DAY is all the better for it. You can check it out this Friday when it opens in a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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