Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Insurgent Star Theo James

Theo James is a not only a pretty handsome fellow, he is also a talented actor that can handle a whole lot of action and more. While his past work in UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING and the DIVERGENT series found the actor in daring situations, he continues to take on different types of characters as well. You can find Mr. James in THE INBETWEENERS MOVIE, the hit series Downtown Abbey as well as the series Golden Boy. And of course you can catch him in the latest of The Divergent Series INSURGENT which opens this Friday.  

Talking to Theo is also a really pleasant experience. I genuinely like this guy. He is an intelligent and kind actor, one that is surprisingly down to earth. During our conversation, we discussed his character moving forward into this film and beyond. We discussed when he feels it is the right time to read the novel from which it is based, and if he relates his own world to the one on-screen. Theo James is a talented guy, and a hell of a nice person. Check him out in INSURGENT which will be playing in a theatre near you this coming Friday with special Thursday night screenings.

Source: JoBlo.com



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