Exclusive 1:1 Interview: RoboCop star Abbie Cornish!

Abbie Cornish is absolutely lovely. And by that I mean she is a stunning beauty, a talented actress and a terrific person to talk with. As the love interest in the ROBOCOP remake, she plays off her co-star Joel Kinnaman extremely well. The two have very nice chemistry and had it been a lesser actress it may not have worked nearly as well. Thankfully, we have Abbie and she is terrific.

When I sat down with her I had mentioned how she looked better than I – which is pretty obvious. She said that she liked my Mohawk but that something was off and proceeded to fix my hair. This is probably the first time that has happened and most likely the only time. Afterwards she talked about playing opposite Kinnaman and the suit and about being involved in the fun world of ROBOCOP. After this interview I was officially smitten.

ROBOCOP is now playing at a theater near you.
Source: JoBlo.com



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