Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Tusk Star Justin Long!

In the latest from Kevin Smith, he presents the first ever human turned walrus and it is an occasionally disturbing journey. As the film’s leading man, Justin Long is perfect as an arrogant podcast host who makes a living mocking others misfortunes. Yet when he finds himself at the mercy of the always great Michael Parks, he discovers a terror worse than he could have ever imagined.

It’s been far too long since we at JoBlo had the chance to sit down and talk with Justin. Being that he is one of the nicest guys on the planet, it was especially great to chat about his latest. He talked about what it was like to go “full walrus” and the process that he experienced during the making of the film. He also chatted about playing a not so nice guy and frankly, he does a fantastic job. You can check him out when TUSK makes its way into theatres this coming Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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