Exclusive 1:1 Interview with American Hustle star Jeremy Renner!

In a movie filled with eccentric performances and characters, Jeremy Renner has to play what amounts to the heart and soul of AMERICAN HUSTLE. Yes, his Mayor Carmine Polito does some ethically unsound things, but for the most part they're all in service to rebuilding his New Jersey town, while everyone around him is either in service to themselves or other, more devious masters.

I've been lucky enough to talk to Mr. Renner twice in my time at JoBlo.com: our first chat was six years ago, when the actor was promoting his supporting role in 28 WEEKS LATER, and now as he's in the midst of doing publicity for AMERICAN HUSTLE. In the interim, his stock has ascended considerably, but he's still the same humble, friendly fellow I rapped with back in 2007. Here we discuss the (admittedly ridiculous) hair he rocks in the film, his preparation for the role and his appreciation of all the work he's been getting lately. (And yes, I shamelessly reminisce about our first interview together.)

Source: JoBlo.com



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