Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Emma Stone!

Playing "guess the gummy bear flavor" with Emma Stone wasn't exactly how I thought the following interview would commence, but at least it's something different. But Ms. Stone all in all is something different in the movie world: she's beautiful, talented and famous, of course, but there isn't a hint of prevention about her, nor does she appear to take anything for granted. Stone is one of the rare Hollywood stars who you genuinely feel (wish) you could be friends with.

Emma will be lighting up the screen again this Friday in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2, in which she plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man's good friend Gwen Stacy. In the sequel, Gwen has come to a fateful decision about her relationship with the super-hero, leading to great conflict within the both of them. I sat down with Emma to talk about the effect playing Gwen has had on her life, listening to the reviews from the first film, and whether or not she subscribes to Gwen Stacey's notion that "Time is luck."

Source: JoBlo.com



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