Exclusive 1:1 Interview with The Frozen Ground star Vanessa Hudgens!

When I walked into Vanessa Hudgens room for out interview, the actress was making some sort of face. For a moment, I thought that she may be simply displaying her contempt for having to do yet another interview for her latest film THE FROZEN GROUND. As she became aware of my presence she told me that she was trying to copy Nicolas Cage’s expression from the poster… Ah, so that is what was going on! So yes, Vanessa Hudgens was really quite terrific and thankfully not making faces at me. However I did ask her to try and make that same face later on. Other than doing Cage impressions, the actress discussed playing a real life woman who survived a real life nightmare. She talked about spending time with the real life person she portrayed and how that helped her performance. After the interview we even talked a little about my HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL keychain.

THE FROZEN GROUND is opening in limited release as well as on demand this Friday, August 23rd.

Source: JoBlo.com



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