Exclusive 1:1 Interview With The Iceman Director Ariel Vromen

Director Ariel Vroman’s new film THE ICEMAN is a powerful tale of real life mafia hit-man Richard Kuklinski. The film features Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta among others, and it is a chilling portrait that is absolutely affecting. Without focusing on gore or even violence per say this tense drama brings the character to brutal life with a bravura performance by Michael Shannon.

When I sat down with the director we talked about the real life Kuklinski and his heinous deeds. This is a man that would slit another man’s throat and not even flinch. We talked about bringing the film to life and of course casting the perfect actor to portray him, that being Michael Shannon. I’m embarrassed to say however that during the interview we had a surprise visit from Ray Liotta, who frankly is one of my favorite guys on the f*cking planet and I could barely think of a word to say to him. Either way it was a pleasure meeting both of these fine gentlemen and I really look forward to more from this talented filmmaker. THE ICEMAN opens up on May 3rd!

Source: JoBlo.com



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