Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Trance Director Danny Boyle!

Danny Boyle is arguably one of the most eclectic and exciting directors working today. Ever since his slick and stylish debut, SHALLOW GRAVE he has continued to challenge himself. While over the past years, he has garnered serious critical acclaim with 127 HOURS and the Academy Award winning SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE his films are oftentimes unforgettable. With his latest feature TRANCE, he has created an artful yet sexy modern day film noir that mixes illusion and art in a fascinating way.

When I sat down with the director, it struck me how genuinely appreciative he is of praise. He is humble and very open about his work, and he seems to be honestly grateful when given a compliment. Yet the man is a major talent, and it is especially nice to see him do another thriller – reminiscent of his work in SHALLOW GRAVE. We talked about that as well as his love for music and how he makes it a part of his cinematic vision. Check out the directors’ latest feature TRANCE when it opens this Friday in limited release.

Source: JoBlo.com



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