Exclusive 1:1 interview with Trance star Rosario Dawson!

It would be hard not to fall a little in love with Rosario Dawson no matter who you are. She is an absolute beauty and an incredible actress as well. In her latest feature, Danny Boyle’s TRANCE, the actress once again takes on a risky character and gives her amazing depth. Thanks to a fascinating script and her fearlessness, Dawson shines in the role as a modern day femme fatale.

Having spoken to the actress before, it was no surprise just how pleasant she can be. She is funny and charming, and yes, utterly stunning. When we spoke about her latest role, we talked about how she found herself in the world of hypnotherapy to prepare for TRANCE. She also opened up about the very revealing nature of the character – both mentally and physically. It was a terrific conversation with this incredibly gifted actor. Once again, Danny Boyle has created an utterly original and fascinating world. TRANCE opens this Friday in limited release.

This is a dark and interesting journey of a film. There are puzzle pieces and signals all throughout it and you have to try and follow it.
Source: JoBlo.com



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