Exclusive 1:1 Interviews: Blackhat Stars Tang Wei and Leehom Wang and More!

In BLACKHAT, the new feature film from Michael Mann, the idea of just how scary the internet can be is played out. Two of my favorite performances in the film - aside from the terrific Chris Hemsworth - include Tang Wei and Leehom Wang who portray siblings helping find a very dangerous cybercriminal. Recently at the junket for the film, I had the fantastic opportunity to speak to the two performers.

Speaking 1 on 1 to each, there was talk about the kind of training each actor went through. Tang Wei chatted about working with Hemsworth, as well as such impressive directors as Michael Mann and Ang Lee (LUST, CAUTION). Leehom Wang talked about Mann also bringing up how detailed the filmmaker is when he works. It was terrific to speak to each of these fine, talented people.

In addition to speaking to the actors involved, we also had the rare opportunity to discuss a little behind the scenes with two gentleman who know firsthand about cybercrimes. Both Michael Panico and Chris Mckinley worked as technical advisors to Mann, helping to create this modern age thriller. Mckinley shared a very interesting story about how he used his expertise in real life. A fascinating conversation for sure. Are you ready for a new Michael Mann flick? If you are, get ready for BLACKHAT opening this Thursday at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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