Exclusive Interview w/ Denzel Washington & Antoine Fuqua for The Equalizer

It's not every day that you get to me one of your idols. When Sony invited me to take part in THE EQUALIZER junket, I was excited but also more than a little terrified. Denzel Washington is one of my all-time heroes, and I was very nervous about meeting him. I guess my biggest worry was that the interview wouldn't go well and that he'd think I was a tool. Lucky for me, Denzel was a complete gentleman, and the easiest guy in the world to interview.

It helped that THE EQUALIZER's director, Antoine Fuqua sat in as well, as the two guys have great chemistry and seem to be the best-of-friends. Both seemed to genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other, and they seemed quite excited to be talking about a film both seem to have especially high hopes for. After the interview, both guys told me they'd be happy to do a sequel if it's well-received, which is something as Washington has never really done a sequel, and Fuqua turned down a sequel to his own OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN.

Source: JoBlo.com



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