Exclusive: Alexandra Daddario goes for a ride in this Baked in Brooklyn clip

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After losing his job at a consulting firm, a recent college graduate (Josh Brener) decides to sell marijuana on the streets of Manhattan. With an unsupportive girlfriend (Alexandra Daddario) and an increase in clientele, David soon finds himself in over his head! You can get a glimpse of that as he tries to appease his girlfriend, Kate, in the following exclusive clip!

I can't say I'm familiar with Josh Brener's work in Silicon Valley or Scandal, but I AM familiar with the lovely Alexandra Daddario! The upcoming BAYWATCH star has eyes that will just melt your soul if you stare into them long enough, so I'd suggest watching BAKED IN BROOKLYN with caution! In any event, she's always a pleasure to watch and it looks like this movie knows its audience. If that includes you, the Blu-ray/DVD will be out tomorrow!

BAKED IN BROOKLYN is now available On Demand and will be released on Blu-ray/DVD this Tuesday!

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