Exclusive: Behind the scenes of Lucasfilm talking Star Wars! Part Two!

If you read yesterday's report from Lucasfilm and Skywalker Ranch, you know the basic gist: George Lucas had a kids only junket for STAR WARS, EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENACE 3D. Being that I have a kid - and one that loves STAR WARS - we flew off to Marin to see what it was all about.

Yesterday, I shared the interview's my son conducted on camera with Sound Engineer, Matthew Wood and Concept Model Designer, John Goodson. Today we're back with the second part of our trip, which was arguably the most fun.

Indy met with ObiShawn, the lightsaber training specialist for Lucasfilm who works with the actors on the fighting skills. Earlier in the day he showed the boy how to fight and the met later in the day for a battle to the death. Afterward, he sat down with Joel Aron, one of the artists on "Clone Wars" about bringing Darth Maul into the world of CG animation.

It was a fun trip - anytime you're on business with your son and return to your hotel room to find a note that says, "Please bring your lightsaber with you tomorrow," it's a good day at work - and I left insanely proud of my son, who wrote all those questions and was the first of any of the kids attending to get in front of the camera. Hope you enjoy the coverage!

Lightsaber battle with ObiShawn
"Clone Wars" Animator Joel Aron
Source: JoBlo.com



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