Exclusive bloody clip from Filipino crime film On The Job will slice you up

Today we have a very compelling and bloody clip from the Filipino crime flick ON THE JOB, which tackles the true story about Filipino prison inmates being contracted by politicians to conduct assinations by getting a temporary pass to leave jail and return when the job is done. It's a very cool premise and ripe for exploration, which the filmmakers seemed to capitalize on greatly with this clip. The concept reminds me of something Scorsese would tackle, but told in a very THE RAID-esque way. The clip dives into the concept of assassination with all the detail you'd come to expect from a refined crime pic and will likely leave you wanting for more.

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

The cycle of life and death and scheming at its highest level are on full display in ON THE JOB, a gritty crime thriller that delves deep into the inner-workings of the ingenious hitmen, honest cops, ambitious federal agents, and shady government officials.  The film is based on the true scandal that rocked the Philippines where prison inmates were contracted by high-level politicians to temporarily leave jail and conduct a series of assassinations before returning to incarceration.

Like Scorsese did by adapting INFERNAL AFFAIRS as THE DEPARTED, this film feels like something special that can easily stand on its own, but would be one of the few films I'd say could really soar if adapted for a group of known talent. That's not to detract from what director Erik Matti has done here; far from it. Matti has crafted a pic that looks packed with atmosphere, grit, and action, easily setting the stage for someone to take the reins in a new adaptation as well as something special on its own.

ON THE JOB premieres this Friday, September 27, 2013 in limited release (check for showtimes here).

Extra Tidbit: Which director would you like to see tackle an adaptation of this material. Joe Carnahan directing and Frank Grillo starring keeps popping into my head. You?
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