Exclusive: Brand new pics from Drive Angry 3D!

Few people understand modern 3D like director Patrick Lussier. He's like the James Cameron of R-rated 3D. Lussier doens't just shoot in 3D (though that would already be a step up from most upconverted 3D films), he pushes the format. He constantly finds new and exciting ways to maximize the third dimension and there are a number of creative uses on display in DRIVE ANGRY 3D. I've sat through some pretty crummy 3D in the past few months so I'm really looking forward to February 25th when DRIVE ANGRY 3D hits theaters and I can actually enjoy the format instead of being slightly annoyed by it.

Today we've got an exclusive look at eight new pics from the movie that do a good job of highlighting the solid cast for the flick from Nic Cage and Amber Heard to William Fichtner and Billy Burke. Click any of the pics below to enlarge and while we're here, I must remind you that there's still time left to enter to win Amber Heard's Daisy Dukes from the film! We've got a LOT of great entries so far but that doesn't mean that yours couldn't be the greatest...

Source: JoBlo.com



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