Exclusive Clip: It's a bloody apocalyptic fight in These Final Hours clip

What would you do if you only had twelve hours to live? Such is the premise for THESE FINAL HOURS, an apocalyptic thriller that takes place in Australia after a meteor has hit the Earth and an impending firestorm is half a day away. James (Nathan Phillips), who simply wants to drown out his last few moments on the planet, gets sucked into helping a young girl named Rose (Angourie Rice) find her parents, which sends him on a wild final journey that may or may not lead to his own salvation. Sounds pretty cool, right? To get you in the mood, we've got an exclusive clip to share that has James coming to the rescue of Rose after she's abducted by some thugs with ill intentions.

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

In this apocalyptic drama, James is a troubled young man on a mission. He’s desperate to join his girlfriend Vicky at the ‘party to end all parties’ and numb any feelings as the world comes to an end. On his journey however, James is greeted by a lawless and chaotic city, facing a cataclysmic event that will end life on the planet, and he discovers that getting to where he needs to be will not be easy. Along the way, he saves the life of a girl named Rose, frantically searching for her father. Out of options, James invites Rose to join him. Together they discover how they would truly like to spend their last moments on Earth in this world gone mad.

As far as apocalyptic indies go, this one looks pretty good and has a lot of rave reviews to back it up (we'll have ours up this week), so I'm certainly game to give this one a shot. I think we've all put ourselves in the hypothetical  "what would you do if it was the last day on Earth?" scenario and it's always interesting to see that play out when done well. Toss in Arrow's Jessica De Gouw and PREDESTINATION's Sarah Snook and you've got a cool cast to contend with as well.

THESE FINAL HOURS hits limited theaters and VOD on March 6, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite "end of times" movie? One of mine is Miracle Mile starring Anthony Edwards. Give it a watch if you haven't already. Good shit.
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