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I haven't laughed out loud lately.  Nothing I've seen from any upcoming comedies has made me do anything more than smile.  But that all changed when I watched our exclusive red band clip from Tribeca Films' upcoming romantic comedy CONCEPTION.  And it's not just a matter of funny writing - the energy and enthusiasm of the two actors is actually very infectious.  And then there's the fact that the clip below, besides introducing you to two of the characters, also makes mention of one of the best-worst crimes ever heard.  Don't let it happen to you! Or do.  Probably do. 

Entitled "Are we rolling?" the clip sees "Will (Gregory Smith, “Everwood”) and Tiffany (Julie Bowen, “Modern Family”) start to make a sex tape when some concern over the artistic vision of the piece begins to put a stop to the action."

If the above interested you as much as it did me, then you can click here to watch the trailer or here to find CONCEPTION on Facebook.

Plot synopsis: CONCEPTION is a clever, romantic comedy that proves it takes more than sex to make a baby. From a couple fighting the odds of fertility to young teenagers losing their virginity, the film follows nine very different couples on the night they conceive, showing that sex can sometimes be more neurotic than erotic. The hilarious ensemble cast includes Emmy-winner Julie Bowen and Sarah Hyland (“Modern Family”), Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights”), David Arquette (NEVER BEEN KISSED), Jason Mantzoukas (“The League”), and Alan Tudyk (SERENITY).

CONCEPTION can be seen on demand via VOD, iTunes, Amazon, and VUDU beginning tomorrow, February 24th.

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Extra Tidbit: Alright, let's hear your INCEPTION puns. And yes, "we have to go deeper" is too obvious. Good and apropos, but still obvious.
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