Exclusive Cool Video: The Batman 25th Anniversary Tribute

With all the talk surrounding the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN, it's interesting to think back to a time when the only Batman feature had Adam West requesting the ever popular shark repellent. The market for comic book films is growing by the year, and every little decision from casting to costumes is thoroughly dissected before we even see a trailer, let alone the finished product. I suppose arguments could be made on whether or not that hurts or helps, let's go back to a time before all that was commonplace.

25 years ago this week, Tim Burton's BATMAN was released in theaters and changed the realm in which we'd see Batman forever. Looking back, it was a ballsy move to hand the reins over to a relative newcomer in Tim Burton, who had just PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE and BEETLEJUICE to his name. I also have my doubts over whether or not a studio executive saw MR. MOM and said, "That's Batman!" It somehow all came together in the end, and we got a Gothic superhero tale like no other featuring some great actors and one of the best themes of all time courtesy of Danny Elfman. So sit back and enjoy this retrospective on what it was like in the heyday of Bat-mania, circa 1989.

Extra Tidbit: Looking back, how do you feel about Tim Burton's Batman?
Source: JoBlo



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