Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Characters Out For Revenge

When you think about revenge movies, you may think of all three TAKEN films. Or maybe you are more into the cult-themed flicks and are reminded of Uma Thurman in KILL BILL or Brandon Lee in THE CROW. Or, you could go all the way back to the immortal Charles Bronson in DEATH WISH. Whatever your favorite, revenge movies have a special place in Hollywood.

From the schlocky to the Oscar nominated, revenge is a guttural human instinct that we can all relate to. Avenging our loved ones or defeating all sorts of evil are things we all want to do. But, as an old saying goes, bad men do what good men dream. With that in mind, here is our video countdown of some of the best characters bent on revenge in film history.

And, if you are in the mood for a new revenge flick, check out RUN ALL NIGHT, which is now playing.

Source: JoBlo.com



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