Exclusive Cool Video: What February release are you most excited for?

Well, now that we're out of the January dump-month weeds things are starting to look a little better at the theater. This month we've got a few cool entries in store as we build up to the spring and summer blowout seasons. We've got a long-delayed fantasy epic, a long delayed sci-fi epic, an animated talking sponge adventure in 3D, a James Bond inspired spy actioner, a mommy porn adaptation that many of us will likely have to endure, another Anna Kendrick musical, another raunchy trip through time in a hot tub, a sports drama starring Kevin Costner, a teenage romcom, a Will Smith grifter flick, and a trippy horror flick starring Olivia Wilde. Not exactly a stellar line-up, but not the worst, either. Take a look at the rundown in the video below, complete with our anticipation meter scores and see what tickles your fancy for February.

What's on your February must-see list?

Source: JoBlo.com



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