Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe flies dangerously in Beast of Burden clip

Wizarding extraordinaire. Infiltrator of neo-Nazi groups. Master farting corpse. These are all fine descriptors of actor Daniel Radcliffe, who has been immersing himself in tons of unique roles recently, adding to his long resume. Now we can add being an ace pilot to the list, as you can see in this exclusive clip from the movie BEAST OF BURDEN starring Radcliffe and Grace Gummer. He uses his expert flying skills to assist his wife as he tries to survive the most dangerous and intense night of his life. Clearly, this character has never been to Hogwarts on a bad night.

Here is the plot synopsis:

Pilot Sean Haggerty (Daniel Radcliffe) must deliver cocaine across the US-Mexico border for his final run as a drug smuggler. Alone in a small plane, he is faced with the burden of choosing between his allegiance to the Cartel, his deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration and saving his increasingly tense relationship with his wife, eagerly awaiting his return.

The concept of the movie mostly taking place during one evening is more interesting than the typical thriller fare and reminds me of movies like Tom Hardy's LOCKE. Radcliffe has been doing some impressive work since his Potter days, and so he adds a reliable element to the film. However, one way I can image this movie would be better is if Radcliffe pulled a Tom Cruise and rode on the outside of the plane. Next time, Radcliffe, next time. 

BEAST OF BURDEN hits limited theaters and Digital February 23.



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