Exclusive Generation Iron 3 trailer gets you pumped for more bodybuilding

Professional bodybuilding has become a massive, global institution since the days when Arnold Schwarzenegger was pumping iron back in the 70’s. Now men and women from all over the world perfect their muscles, quads, triceps, biceps, pecks and every other muscle you can think of all in the name of glory – that sweet, sweet, sweaty glory. But earning such a prize means overcoming some incredibly heavy obstacles, and in the first, exclusive trailer for the new documentary in the Generation Iron series – GENERATION IRON 3 – we get to hear about the sacrifices competitors have to make and the hurdles they must leap all so they can be called the biggest and the best.

More so than in any other competitive arena, the world of bodybuilding requires competitors to push their bodies to the limits, and this third entry in the series seeks to answer what it is to have the perfect physique by following bodybuilders from all around the world. Fans of the first two documentaries will no doubt find this one just as fascinating, as should anyone who is at all curious about why these people push their bodies, and their minds, so far. 

Here is the official synopsis:

The original Generation Iron film highlighted a new generation of competitors whose only passion was to become the greatest and win the Mr. Olympia competition. Generation Iron 2 revealed the further expansion of the bodybuilding industry, how the internet changed it, and how athletes were finding new ways to push the limit of physique perfection. Now Generation Iron 3 will attempt to finally answer the ultimate question – what is the ideal and perfect physique?

Traveling across the globe including India, Brasil, Europe, Africa, Canada, and the USA – Generation Iron 3 will feature and follow bodybuilders, trainers, experts around the world to determine what the universal ideal physique should look like. With so many divisions appearing within the bodybuilding leagues – what body type should be championed as the absolute best in the world?

GENERATION IRON hits theaters worldwide on December 7, 2018!



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