Exclusive: Get a look at the teaser poster for Savage Dog

This should be the only tagline for the upcoming movie SAVAGE DOG: Bullets, punches, kicks, muscles and death. You don’t even need to see the movie to know the martial arts action flick starring Scott Adkins will deliver on those badass elements in spades, and such a movie is deserving of an equally cool poster, of which we here at JoBlo are happy to provide you an exclusive look at.

Get a gander below, and let the sweet retro vibes and manliness wash over you!

Here is the plot synopsis for the film:

Indochina, 1959. A Wild West town controlled by the criminal class: Vietnamese warlords and European war criminals. Den-Dhin-Chan Labor Camp is run by four such dangerous men. The worst prison in the land, it is here that a European, former-champion boxer Martin Tilman (Scott Adkins) has made a name for himself fighting tournaments, on which wealthy criminals gamble in high stakes events. When Tilman is due for release, he just wants to return home, but the corrupt forces running the jail will do everything in their power to keep him locked down. When all that Tilman holds dear is taken away in a vicious act of violence, he is forced to confront the five men responsible and take his revenge.

The film sounds like a perfect midnight action romp for anyone who wants a straight shot of adrenaline and testosterone to the skull, and will then chase it down with a dinner consisting of five different types of meat and a bottle of whiskey. Sure we have wonder women, spider-men and infant drivers making a splash at the box office, but we should never forget the need for a manly, aggressive, balls-to-the-wall adventure fit with training montages in the rain and boots to the face. God bless America!

SAVAGE DOG will have its world premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival before arriving in theaters August 4 before heading to iTunes and VOD August 8.

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