Exclusive: Go behind the scenes with Garona in this Warcraft Blu-ray feature

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For our Blu-ray collectors out there, the latest video game-turned-movie hits Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow in a spiffy, feature-filled set. I'm of course referring to Duncan Jones' latest opus, WARCRAFT. This fantasy epic follows an Orc horde as they invade the planet Azeroth, starting a war with the resident humans and some dissenting Orcs who truly know what's at stake. If you're curious as to how this mammoth project was put together, we have an exclusive sneak peek that looks at Paula Patton's Garona and the armor she sports. Check it out!

I don't know about you guys, but I was freaking AMAZED that they didn't cake a bunch of green make-up on Paula Patton. I'm not sure how difficult the process was to "green her up" in post, but it makes you wonder if body paint will be a necessity in the future of sci-fi cinema. The Blu-ray packs a healthy amount of special features, so I'm actually looking forward to sitting down and seeing how everything was put together.

WARCRAFT hits Blu-ray/DVD on tomorrow!

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