Exclusive: Go under the sheet in this new A Ghost Story featurette

David Lowery's A GHOST STORY has stood out as one of the best indie flicks of the year, using the premise of a woman grieving over her husband’s untimely death to explore the nature of time itself and our place in it. The film stars Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck and earned raves from critics and audiences (read our review here) and it stands with a terrific 92% score on RT. Now the movie is out on Blu-ray and digital, and we here at JoBlo have an exclusive featurette for you that delves into the creation of the ghost. I know it seems simple enough, but there’s a lot more to putting a sheet over someone’s head than meets the eye.

The featurette is an illuminating one for sure and goes to show you how much detail they put into the film to ensure it looked as natural as possible. I never got to check out the movie in theaters, but now that it’s out on video I will make it my mission to seek it out. It looks like an ethereal, beautiful film, and I can’t wait to find out if my expectations are met. I’m going to go as this ghost for Halloween and use the movie as an excuse to make it look like a clever idea.

A GHOST STORY is out on Blu-ray and digital now.

Source: JoBlo



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