Exclusive: Hook 25th Anniversary Tribute (Video)

If you grew up in the ‘90s, chances are you saw Steven Spielberg’s HOOK. The film imagines a grown up Peter Pan (Robin Williams), who is whisked back to Neverland to save his two children from the grasp of a vengeful Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman). Unlike most of Spielberg’s films, HOOK is curiously divisive. While it has its fair share of critics, the movie holds a special place in the hearts of many film fans, myself included. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Rufio, Pockets, Thud Butt and the rest of the Lost Boys in Neverland? That place was like one giant playground. And much like Peter, HOOK has grown up and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. To mark the occasion, our Movie Tribute team proudly presents a video tribute to this underrated classic. We look at the film’s troubled production history and middling box office reception, as well the impact it had on an entire generation of young film-goers. Does it still hold up after all these years? Don’t be a maggot burger, watch the video and find out!

Source: JoBlo.com



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