Exclusive Interview: Beyond the Reach Stars Michael Douglas & Jeremy Irvine!

In the new thriller BEYOND THE REACH, Michael Douglas plays a powerful man who will stop at nothing to protect himself after a tragic hunting accident. He soon turns on his young guide - played by Jeremy Irvine - and the hunting trip turns into a deadly game of survival. As always, it is fun to see Douglas take on such a devious role, and it is also nice to see the very talented Irvine headline a feature film alongside the legendary talent.

For some reason, the thought of sitting across from Mr. Douglas was a little intimidating. That is until I was actually sitting across from him. In fact, it was completely opposite. He makes you feel very comfortable, and was quick to give credit to Irvine - who really gives a terrific performance. We talked about working on such a film, and the level of preparation they had to take this on. BEYOND THE REACH is a solid thriller with two terrific performances from these talented fellas. Check it out, if you can, this coming Friday in limited release.

Source: JoBlo.com



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