Exclusive Interview: Into the Storm Stars Jeremy Sumpter and Matt Walsh!

In the new disaster flick INTO THE STORM, Matt Walsh and Jeremy Sumpter star as storm chasers who are trying to track down a tornado up-close-and-personal. Unfortunately for them, they find it and all sorts of bad weather problems go down. Sumpter may be familiar to many of you thanks to his turn on “Friday Night Lights” and Walsh – who has a number of credits to his name – can be seen on the series “Veep.”

Sitting across from these two actors, one thing crossed my mind, and that is ‘Titus.’ The two of these fine fellows spend a whole lot of time in this incredible truck built for the film. And while Sumpter has his very own “chick magnet” to drive which he discussed, Walsh found himself behind the wheel of this imposing vehicle. We chatted about the truck and of course, facing some seriously bad weather. You can step INTO THE STORM when it makes its way to a theatre near you this coming Friday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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