Exclusive Interview: Jude Law and Kevin MacDonald talk Black Sea!

In BLACK SEA, a tense and enjoyable old-school underwater thriller, Jude Law plays the leader of a makeshift salvage team who heads to the bottom of the titular body of water to snatch up millions of dollars of gold from a sunken Russian submarine. Utilizing a Scottish accent and a stern, intimidating demeanor, Law has given us one of his most compelling characters here. Truth be told, I like Law more now than I did when he first broke on the scene; I feel he's going to become one of the great British character actors of our time, which is a far cry from when he was playing swingers and pretty boys.

In person, he's an incredibly engaging and friendly fellow, as you'll see in the interview below. I spoke with Law and BLACK SEA director Kevin MacDonald about the challenges of making such a claustrophobic film (part of it were shot inside an actual sub), Law's complicated character, and what the cast and crew did to relax. (According to Jude, it was X-rated.)

Source: JoBlo.com



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