Exclusive Interview: Need for Speed Dir. Scott Waugh and Lance Gilbert!

Scott Waugh is a director who seems to love to put the real thing in his flicks. Whether it was the actors in 2012’s ACT OF VALOR or the cars in NEED FOR SPEED, the director likes a little realism. In the Aaron Paul starrer, there is an abundance of stunts and car crashes for fans of old school car movies. He also gives a little love to the Steve McQueen classic BULLITT when you see it playing in a drive-in in his latest feature.

Recently I sat down with the director as well as the stunt coordinator Lance Gilbert. We discussed how exactly they wanted to make this work by not faking it. When it comes to badass cars and exciting stunts they wanted to make this flick the old fashioned way. Mr. Waugh talks about what he calls “CG-fatigue” and why he wanted to shoot the film the way he did. So rev up your engines, because NEED FOR SPEED opens today at a theatre near you.

Source: JoBlo.com



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