Exclusive Interview: No Escape Stars Lake Bell, Owen Wilson and more!

As a fan of both Lake Bell and Owen Wilson, they certainly aren't the first names you'd associate with a brutal action thriller. And yet here we are with the two appearing in the latest from filmmaking brothers Drew and John Erick Dowdle. NO ESCAPE is an intense flick that seldem let's the viewer rest. Aside from some seriously satisfying action sequences, the casting is also one of the key factors in making this work. Recently, we sat down with Drew and John to talk about the film, the unconventional leading actors, and how this surprisingly terrifying feature feels like a horror film.

After speaking to the Dowdle Brothers, we sat down with both Lake Bell and Owen Wilson. The two actors discussed how they got involved in the film, and about one particular scene that involved a huge leap from one building to the next. You would really never expect these two to be a part of this type of film and it most definitely is part of the charm. NO ESCAPE is one of the biggest surprises of the summer. It is a brutal and intense story of survival, and it is well worth seeking out. If you want something a little darker this weekend, check your local listings for NO ESCAPE in theatres August 26.

Source: JoBlo.com



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