Exclusive Interview: Pawn Sacrifice Star Tobey Maguire & Steven Knight!

Tobey Maguire has always been able to portray the everyman. From SPIDER-MAN to THE CIDER HOUSE RULES he has been able to convey a sense of realism in his work. And with his latest, he has quite possibly given the best performance of his career. As the complicated chess champion Bobby Fischer, he is ferocious and intense. He is terrific here. When I sat down with him we discussed the reasons why he took on the role and finding the focus and detail in his performance. It certainly pays off. He also discussed where he sees his career going and taking on more challenging roles as he has with his latest, PAWN SACRIFICE.

Another factor that helped bring this fascinating presentation of Bobby Fischer's career to life was screenwriter Steven Knight. Mr. Knight spoke to me about why he decided to tell this particular time and story of Bobby Fischer's history. This was a fascinating period for Fischer, and it is an interesting journey especially if you are unaware of the chess champion's turbulant and paranoid life. It was fantastic to chat with both Maguire and Knight, and if you'd like to see their latest, PAWN SACRIFICE, check it out at a theatre near you this coming Wednesday.

Source: JoBlo.com



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