Exclusive Interview: The Transporter Refueled Star Ed Skrein!

Are you ready for a little action? WIth THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED, you may get a bit of it. While Jason Statham may not be back, the very talented Ed Skrein takes his place and seems right at home kicking ass. With this and DEADPOOL, the actor is going to be very busy. And thankfully, he took some time out to chat with the press, but this is unlike any sort of junket interview I've ever been involved in. Instead of chatting in a hotel room, we both took a seat in a very fast car and talked about the new film. He discussed taking on the role and the preparation he had, all the while we are speeding around the parking lot at The Forum right here in Los Angeles.

The best part of this whole experience is just how cool a guy Ed Skrein is. He is funny and down-to-earth and it was terrific to ride around super fast with him. He was way more relaxed than I was. Plus, he makes for a pretty damn solid action hero. THE TRANSPORTER REFUELED will be speeding into theatres this coming Friday! Ready, set, go...


Source: JoBlo.com



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