Exclusive interview with Harrison Ford for Ender's Game!

The legendary Harrison Ford has had quite a beautiful, varied year; from his great supporting work in 42 to playing mind chess with Gary Oldman in PARANOIA, Ford has certainly been stretching his character muscles. Which is why his turn in ENDER'S GAME is so delightful (and I was happy to tell him as much), as this feels like "token Ford" so-to-speak. By that I mean it's pure cinematic spectacle that works from the characters out, as opposed to the audience simply looking in. This is a defining trend we see time and again from the Oscar Nominated actor. 

Like most guys my generation, Ford isn't simply an on-screen persona we've admired or loved through our childhood, for many of us he's been a kind of "ideal masculine star". The kind of man we all wanted to grow up to be... (yeah, I'm glad I didn't start the interview with that one). So having the opportunity to talk ENDER'S GAME with him was not only an absolute joy but also surprisingly insightful as it turns out, as he had wonderful observations about the material, his character Commander Hyrum Graff and his approach to the craft. 

You can check out Harrison Ford's latest adventure, ENDER'S GAME, opening Frady.

Source: JoBlo.com



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