Exclusive Interviews: Paul Feig, Rose Byrne, and Miranda Hart for Spy!


Two of the highlights in the new action comedy SPY happen to be co-stars Rose Byrne and Miranda Hart. While I’ve followed Byrne’s career for quite awhile, I was only vaguely familiar with Ms. Hart. It is always fun to see Rose take on an over-the-top character, and she is terrific here as one of the baddies. And as for Miranda, she adds a real sweetness and charm playing opposite the film’s star Melissa McCarthy.

While sitting down with these two lovely ladies, we talked about their approach to the material. They discussed working with Feig, and about getting in on the action. As male-centric as this genre can be, it was fun seeing a different side to it. And both Byrne and Hart are wonderful additions to this very funny and engaging comedy. SPY opens this Thursday at a theatre near you. Yet it wasn't just these lovely and talented ladies that made this junket worthwhile, after all, we wouldn't have this fun flick without writer/director Paul Feig.

It is always a pleasure to talk to Paul Feig for many reasons. For starters, I enjoy much of his work. And it also helps that he is one hell of a classy guy. Always impeccably dressed, and kind and charming, he is very easy to chat movies with. During our conversation, he talked about taking on a comedic spy flick as well as talking a little GHOSTBUSTERS - mainly what his thoughts are on the already vocal on-line response. Make sure you check out SPY this coming Thursday at a theatre near you.

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