Exclusive Interviews: Trumbo's Bryan Cranston & Jay Roach

It's always pretty intimidating to meet famous people you admire. Over my time at JoBlo.com, I've been fortunate to meet and interview plenty of them, including Denzel Washington, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Goldblum and more. And now, that list includes Bryan Cranston. Like everyone else, I went crazy for his portrayal of Walter White on Breaking Bad and I always hoped one day I'd get the chance to interview him. And now, with TRUMBO hitting theaters, the time has finally come and I'm happy to say, Cranston was just as cool, kind and funny as his excellent reputation suggested.

Meanwhile, I also got the chance to interview TRUMBO's director, Jay Roach. While known mostly for his comedies (including the AUSTIN POWERS series), Roach is now making a name for himself in drama, with Trumbo very much in line with his work for HBO on films like RECOUNT and GAME CHANGE. Just like Cranston, Roach proved himself to be one heck of a nice guy and we wound up having a very nice chat about a film he's clearly proud of.

Source: JoBlo.com



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